Batman: Gothic

Batman GothicThis is another tale that takes place in Batman’s first few years of his crime-fighting career.  In this instance, the Batman must go up against a child killer named Mr. Whisper who appears to have returned from the dead.  Batman has to deal with the paranormal in this story, which is a little different to his usual rogue’s gallery or detective work.  As the story progresses the story becomes more and more creepy.

What this story does look into are nightmares that Bruce has involving his father and the guidance that he takes from these coupled with the self-blame that he suffers from there death.  This story allows us to peek into Bruce’s childhood and witness the abuse that he suffered at the hands of the stories villain Mr. Whisper.  If not speaking to his father, Bruce as a child may have fell victim to Mr. Whisper which means that by the end of the story Mr. Whisper actually set up his own demise completely by accident.

The story is a good story that moves along at a steady pace.  There is not a lot of depth to it but if you want to see Batman go up against the weird and macabre then this is a story for you.  If you give it a miss you won’t be missing out on any crucial information about Batman.

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