Daredevil: Born Again

61jeSrdkf9LFans of the Daredevil tv series on Netflix may be hearing rumors about the third season containing elements from the Born Again storyline. To long-term fans, this means they are somewhat in the know about what is to come for Matt Murdock.  For others, this is just the title of a long forgotten storyline.  Let me clear it up for you, this is quite possibly the best Daredevil storyline ever written.

From the very beginning of this story, we witness Matt Murdock, losing his girlfriend, his money, the attorney license he had spent a great chunk of his life earning as well as his home. Everything apart from Gloria leaving him is caused by the Kingpins interference when finding out Daredevil’s civilian identity.  Rather than killing Daredevil he takes everything away from him and makes him less than a man.

One of the key elements of this story is just how vulnerable Matt is.  We see him fall so far that he ends up sleeping on the street and witness his inner turmoil.  We see his inner thoughts become erratic and paranoid and out of this madness, he attacks the Kingpin only to be beaten and left for dead.  This is where the storylines title comes into play, alongside the Catholicism portrayed in this story and the expression of being born again unto God, Daredevil literally dies and is revived of a new life free of all of the material shackles.

One of the greatest elements of this are the roles in which the supporting cast play.  First of all, there is Karen Page who has fallen from grace.  Last seen in the pages of Daredevil leaving hells kitchen to pursue an acting career, it is revealed that she is addicted to heroin partly due to her becoming a pornstar in the adult film industry.  It is this fall from grace that leads to her selling the identity of Daredevil to score more heroin.  Another character is Ben Urich who is also beaten by the Kingpin but not in the same way as Daredevil.  He is psychologically terrorized by the Kingpin after investigating Matt Murdock’s case.  Fearing for his life he steps back as a journalist, this too builds to an iconic moment where he says enough is enough a stands up against the Kingpin as only he knows how.  With journalism.

The final act of this story is incredible.  Due to the Kingpins obsession with destroying Daredevil, he enlists the help of a psychopath named Duke who ends up destroying Hell’s kitchen with heavy artillery.  This destruction is so cataclysmic that it draws the attention of the Avengers.  Captain America is disgusted by the use of the American flag by Duke in his mindless acts of destruction and assists Daredevil in preventing Duke from causing more destruction and endangering more lives.

There are two reasons why you should read this story now, the first is because if you want to know what to expect in season 3 of Netflix’s DareDevil, this is the story that will reveal the most plot possibilities. Secondly, this story is often ranked in top 10 marvel storyline lists and for good reason.  It’s a brilliant story, filled with lots of action and drama and there’s much more to it than a hero putting on a costume and beating the villain.

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Daredevil: Guardian Devil


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