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I am a horror/sci-fi fiction writer from Stoke-On-Trent. I also write articles on various topics that take my fancy. Due to studying film and media for several years I also work on film projects from time to time.

Batman: Prey

Batman_Prey_coverTaking place in the early years of Batman’s career we have a story that involves Hugo Strange weeding himself into the public eye and leveraging himself into a position that grants him access to the Gotham City Police Departments files on Batman.  He uses his position to figure out Batman’s true identity.

Throughout this story, through the dialogue of Hugo Strange, we get to hear his analysis about what makes Batman tick.  A lot of these theories are often correct and give insight into Batman’s psyche.  The irony is that Hugo Strange is just as obsessive and at times much more unhinged than he believes the Batman to be.

The relationship between Jim Gordon and Batman is also tested here, as Jim Gordon is publicly made the head of Batman’s Task Force.  While trying to continue to help Batman problems arise as his Task Force spy on Gordon and find that he has been assisting Batman.

Hugo Strange despite being unhinged is very intelligent and battles Batman psychologically.  Whether it’s creating a new brutal vigilante or having an imposter dress as Batman, he discredits Batman and attacks him from all angles, constantly goading him as he does so.  This creates a situation where Hugo Strange is almost untouchable as any violent action from Batman would ruin his image even further.

This is a must-read for fans of Hugo Strange.  He is completely psychotic, intelligent and manipulative and this makes him a difficult opponent for Batman to Encounter.

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