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Usher Remixes You Need To Add To Your Collection

Ed Sheeran – Shape of You Major Lazor Remix

With the Release of Ed Sheeran’s third album ÷, its hard to go through the day without hearing at least one song by Ed Sheeran.  I personally love ‘Shape of You’ but as is always the case when you overhear a popular song, you quickly begin to get a little tired of hearing the same song over and over.  That’s where remixes play their part. The same song you know and love but with a fresh spin on it.  Sometimes its just an additional verse by a featured artist, a complete rework of the song or just a fresh beat.  However its done, I love hearing my favourite songs in a new way.  So imagine my joy when I found that Major Lazor had remixed ‘Shape of You.’

With a synthesided dance and ragga infused undertone, this version of the song is reminiscent of Major Lazors other music.  The addition of Nyla’s vocals creates a new dynamic between Sheeran and Nyla as the one sided affection for the other half is no more.  Instead we have the feeling of two lovers connected by their affection for each other making this a song that lovers can sing to each other. Kranium then brings the songs ragga elements to the forefront enticing the listener to shake their ass and show off their body.  All in all the song is a fresh new take on an already addictive song.