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Debbie Whittaker – My lifegiver and number one critic.

Ashley Whittaker – My brother and complete opposite.

Amy Thompson – My sister and Yorkshire lass.


Mark BarrowSimon HolmesShaun MillwardSarah Mitchell

Michael JoynsonDale O’BrienRob LawsonMatt Hadley

Danny CraddenJohn ElsonJason MillwardMatt Evans

Amy LandersKerry WilliamsonCraig MillwardSteven Cooke

Wendy PriceDavid MossCiaran MescallSam Woodbridge

Samantha McEvoyRichard EdgeDonna HancockJason Bithell

Robert Burns – Grant RobinsonSam Wattam

Paul CoiaJohn PayneEleanor Brundrett




Welcome to my world. The place where I share my projects and memories. Here you will find old video's, photo reels and every shred of my past that I can collect in one place. I will also be showcasing my projects as well as sharing random stuff such as paranormal video's that freak me out and funny video's that make me laugh. Some of the things you can expect to see here are comic book related videos, paranormal video's and my gaming habits. A lot of this blog will be dedicated to my friends and family in the hope that they can fondly look back on the memories we have all created.

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