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Simons Injury

B. Right – Knew Better

I Don’t Want To Be Rude But…

Alie Events

There are so many people who will have opinions on your big day. From the MIL to your grandmas neighbour everyone will have their own tips and suggestions which may not be at all necessary. And, unfortunately not everyone can get their own way. In this post I’ll be discussing the main issues that people will have their opinions on and ways to counteract them.

First off WHO WILL WALK YOU DOWN THE AISLE!?!? Believe me when I say I know your pain at making such a difficult choice. I have a real dad who is in my life but not much,; he’s in my life but has never really contributed and at most I’ve only every really seen him once a month. He’s pretty indifferent to everything going on in my life except for my stepdad. My dad and stepdad have this lifelong rivalry and have done since my…

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Eating Oddities: Video 2

Baz eating more strange things such as oxo cubes.

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