18-24 Months

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Congratulations and welcome to the start of the journey of making your perfect day! Now I hope you’re ready because this will probably be the hardest part! So what exactly do you need to do and when do you need to do it?

Well lets start at the beginning. The average wedding takes around 2 years to plan and and save for so its always best to try and give yourself the maximum time to organise your day.

18-24 Months To W-Day!

  • Start a wedding folder. Get something big and start adding all your inspiration. Also I’d probably get Pinterest if you don’t have it already. It is literally a life saver for keeping everything you see on the internet in one place. In fact, even if you’re not sure… Pin It! Find photographers, entertainers, florists and venue dressers and add all their information into your folder.
  • Work out your…

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Ice Bucket Challenge

My ice bucket challenge from over a year ago.  I accepted the challenge after being nominated by my childhood friend Michael Joynson.

The Age of the Babymooners

Alie Events

One question I regularly see across all bridal pages and blogs is this; should we take our children on our honeymoon with us? There’s no easy answer to this one guys. It boils down to this. Do you need to take a moment to settle into your marriage.

Honeymoons are an occasion that started with the richest people in Britain in the 19th century. Wealthy couples would visit relatives further afield, who had been unable to travel to the wedding, before returning home to settle down. The French then took the tradition and it soon spread around Europe and eventually the rest of the world. The more modern honeymoon is a trip away from the stresses of home life to enjoy the intimacy that comes with marriage.

After the 2014 film Blended was released we saw a rise in familymoons as they are now seen as a way to get…

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Teeside Tintin

This still makes me laugh.  “Can I stop you there tintin.  Your language is atrocious”


Molly Leigh Documentary

This was the first documentary that we made in our first year at university.  The video is quite amateurish and we’ve learned a lot since then but its still worth a watch.

Made by Rob Lawson, Danny Cradden and Chris Whittaker (Kilbride)

Fresh Start

Ok, so I’ve tried the blogging thing before and it went somewhat alright, however I had too many things going on and made it ten times more difficult than it needed to be.  So here I am. The plan is to start completely fresh and keep it much simpler and a lot more organised.  I’m currently still working on the layout of my blog but as soon as that has been sorted I will hopefully contribute to my blog on a regular basis and make it as interesting as possible.

Welcome to my world. The place where I share my projects, memories and general life and times of me. Basically when the day comes that I shuffle off of this mortal coil, I will still be found here in memory.

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