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If this year I’m not invited to at least one wedding with a gin bar I will cry.

In all seriousness though – and at full risk of appearing an alcoholic – if you and your future h2b met in a pub, like me and mine, it’s definitely something you can incorporate into -or like some of these people, throw at without caution – into your day.

Sick of seeing table 1, table 2 etc. How about Hendricks, Gordons, Bloom, Opihr, King of Solo, Tanqueray and Sipsmiths… and maybe for the children Fentimans Tonic?

Are you one of the lucky ones with no corkage? Have you seen portable gin bars?! That’s right. A bar on wheels. Actually, thinking of it, if this blog makes me rich I may just decide to hire one for life.

Do you fancy getting the sceptics on the gin hype with…

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And They Lived Happily Ever After…

Alie Events

Every little girl has at some point dreamed of being a princess so why not make that dream come true on your wedding day and have a Disney themed wedding?

Alfred Angelo has made his living theming a whole range of Disney inspired dresses for your big day. Ranging from his Ariel themed blue dress to Belle’s classic feminine ruffles there is a Disney dress for every size and shape.

Theme your colours around your favourite movie. Think Carl and Ellie had the perfect relationship? Put your bridesmaid in multicoloured dresses, decorate tables with tiny house and balloons, DIY it by buying large fillable letters and filling them with multicoloured pom poms and just have fun with it!

Lets talk shoes! Okay, I very rarely have oh my gosh girly moments; I look at Louboutin’s with the same apprehensive expression I give an unappealing dish in a restaurant – seriously I just…

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