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I’m a confident person who can write fabulous witty blog articles as well as toned down factual content. I have a fully equipped home office with oodles of software.

Decorus Beauty Therapy

Decorus Beauty Therapy began with a vision to help every client enhance their inner Decorus.  

This is a newly established beauty suite based within Francesco Group Rugeley.

Run by a fully qualified beauty therapist who was trained by England’s top beauty therapists at the Hilton spa St.Georges Park, Jodie maintains the best knowledge. Her specialty is in therapeutic massages which are tailor made to you, designed to put your body at ease. Jodie will always listen to her clients desires and enable them to make an informed decision on the array of products and services offered.

Jodie uses luxurious beauty products at high street prices guaranteed to make everybody who leaves her inner sanctum feeling fabulous.

Welcome to my world. The place where I share my projects and memories. Here you will find old video's, photo reels and every shred of my past that I can collect in one place. I will also be showcasing my projects as well as sharing random stuff such as paranormal video's that freak me out and funny video's that make me laugh. Some of the things you can expect to see here are comic book related videos, paranormal video's and my gaming habits. A lot of this blog will be dedicated to my friends and family in the hope that they can fondly look back on the memories we have all created.

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