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Hauntings, The Pack Horse & Night Terrors (Cancelled Project)

Stef Hanks vs Steve Collins Boxing Event

New Tune by Midlandz Connect’d

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of making Midlandz Connect’d first music video so whenever I see that they have made new music I try my best to get them noticed.  So here it is.  Midlandz Connect’d new music video.

Ice Bucket Challenge

My ice bucket challenge from over a year ago.  I accepted the challenge after being nominated by my childhood friend Michael Joynson.

Molly Leigh Documentary

This was the first documentary that we made in our first year at university.  The video is quite amateurish and we’ve learned a lot since then but its still worth a watch.

Made by Rob Lawson, Danny Cradden and Chris Whittaker (Kilbride)